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“An effective Nonprofit Board is well-informed, proactive, supportive and accountable .” 

Strategic Planning Facilitation

We believe the best strategic plans come from a robust process of deconstruction, visualization, and thoughtful transformation. As an objective facilitator, we will guide your board and executive team through a lively and fruitful strategic planning process; reducing a plan to a short, concise document, that’s easily digestible by board and staff. Culminating in an actionable plan that charts your path forward to operationalizing “what success will look like” and identifying the resources needed.

Board Orientation and Development

In order to lead your nonprofit strategically and effectively, your board needs to have a clear understanding of its roles and responsibilities. Additionally, your board needs to agree on how it wants to operate, members need to feel engaged, and when conflict arises, there needs to be a group process to address it. Serving as your on-call advisor and coach we can assist in your board orientation and development process. We will work with you in a three-step approach: assessing where your board is currently at, coming to an agreement on where you need to be, and then setting an action plan to move forward, together.

Policy Review and Development

Now more than ever, there’s a demand for Board’s to demonstrate accountability, transparency and impact. Employees, donors, volunteers and partners want to be involved in well-run organizations that have a high-degree of trust with the public, media and government. Nonprofits call on us to conduct comparative research, examine best practice and draft policy to help strengthen their organization’s governance and operations.

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