Interim Executive Management Services

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  • Experienced C-Suite Leadership
  • Objective Governance Advice
  • Team Enhancement
  • Transitioning Leaders
  • Succession Planning
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“The interim executive today is being used for more deliberate and specific purpose as nonprofits navigate the unforeseen.”

Experienced C-Suite Leadership

From time to time, an organization can find itself needing immediate executive-level leadership to bridge a period of transition or address an abrupt or unexpected vacancy. We can help your nonprofit through the disruption providing contracted, term executive leadership ready to step up and steward the priorities of the day.

Objective Governance Advice

At times of abrupt or unexpected change at an organization’s helm, Boards can benefit from an external advisor to support the period of transition, solidifying strategic direction, or gaining a clearer situational awareness. An advisor can bring objective strategies to chart a path forward.

Team Enhancement

Often times nonprofits seek an experienced executive leader or subject matter expert to expand the capabilities of its existing team. With a preference to parachute in quickly, integrating additional human resources can propel the team’s work to improve the organization’s performance.

Transitioning Leaders

Leadership transition is common and more critical than ever, for both individuals and the whole of the organization. A new leader’s action or inaction will significantly impact your nonprofit, yet nonprofits commonly assume leaders can successfully ‘jump in’ to their roles underprepared and under supported. Having a transition plan and focusing on the aims of new leadership, leaders can succeed and advance nonprofit’s mission. We’re here to support your organization through these deliberate times of transitioning new leaders.

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