Canada’s NonProfit Sector

Charities play an essential role in building healthy, more vibrant communities that support and enrich the lives of Canadians. Today, more than ever, Canadians have come to depend on nonprofit sector organizations in their daily lives. Our reliance is only expected to grow.

With 89,000 charities of the over 179,000 nonprofits across Canada the Sector needs to evolve with our changing communities and adapt to the shifts in our social, economic and political environments to improve the well-being of individuals and achieve deep and sustainable impact in our communities.

Take a moment to watch the video below that calls on us to continue our good work and excelerate the strengthening of our nonprofit sector.

Is your organization dealing with unprecedented change or in need of interim leadership to navigate present day challenges?

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Would you like to achieve better financial results with your fundraising strategy? Do you need a new approach with your fundraising or looking to improve your donor engagement?

Are you looking for strategies or bold new ideas to engage youth with your organization as the next generation of participants, volunteers or donors?

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