Our Purpose Project

Working with our sister company, Resolute Clothing Co, we are committed to empowering vulnerable youth to reach their full potential.

We recognize when investments are made in our most vulnerable youth, they can achieve greater success in attaining higher education, improve their overall health and wellness, lead prosperous lives and make meaningful contributions to the broader community. Here are a few of the alarming stats the call us to act:

Keith D Publicover, Founder, Resolute Clothing Co, Supporting Vulnerable Youth to Reach Their Potential
Keith D Publicover, Founder

In low-income communities across Canada, high school dropout rates can reach up to 50% or higher

In Canada, only 1 out of 5 children who need mental health services receives them

Almost 1 in every 5 households in Canada experience serious housing affordability issues (spending over 50% of their low income on rent) which puts them at risk of homelessness

Nearly 1.2 million Canadian children younger than 18 (17%) lived in a low-income household in 2015

21% of single mothers in Canada raise their children while living in poverty (7% of single fathers raise their children in poverty)

We are committed to our charity partners working in under-resourced communities, to deliver programs and services that will make a profound difference in the lives of so many youth. Our urgency for purposeful investment echoes their concern about the anticipated increase in rates and impact of poverty by 2026 worldwide and the growing need for transformational programs and services.

Together, we are investing in the next generation.

If you represent a charity aligned with our youth investment goals reach out to Resolute Clothing Co to discuss a potential partnership.

When you purchase any Resolute Wearable you help support vulnerable youth to access health services and educational opportunities.