Marketing & Communications Services

  • Strategy and Integrated Planning
  • Campaigns and Storytelling
  • Case for Support Development
  • Client Recruitment Strategy
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“Powerful storytelling should differentiate, connect, influence, and be authentic.”

Strategy and Integrated Planning

Successful nonprofits create and rely on business plans to help guide them and to clarify their priorities. Business plans articulate what and how your nonprofit intends to allocate resources, engage in program delivery, and better serve clients. Most importantly, robust business plans include strategic marketing plans. We’ll work with you to develop the five components of your marketing plan: nonprofit positioning, goals and strategies, market opportunities, doable tactics, and budget.

Campaigns and Storytelling

A comprehensive fundraising plan has a mix of traditional and emerging platforms for donor giving and engagement, including annual campaigns and compelling impact stories. We will take you through a process of developing marketing campaigns to support your fundraising goals, and work with service delivery teams to identify the true stories that differentiate, connect, influence, and authentically represent your nonprofit.

Case for Support Development

Before designing your Case for Support document we will facilitate discussions across your organization to better understand what motivates, resonates and what platforms donors prefer today. Conducting internal research can provide a fresh perspective on what is working in this ever-changing competitive fundraising environment. We’ll work with your marketing and fundraising teams to draft the key components for your Case for Support, including: campaign goals and editorial strategies, compelling mission stories, key data points, donor giving channels, and detailed distribution plan.

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