Planning & Development Services

  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Program Innovation Design
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Creative Concept Development 
  • Business and Financial Modelling
  • and more

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives your team a road map to achieve future success.”

Strategic and Tactical Planning

As a leader, you want to be sure your organization has a clear vision of the future, and the strategy and tactical plan to get there. With hands-on experience at leading a strategic planning process and identifying realistic, cost-effective tactics, we will partner with you to tailor the right planning process to meet your organization’s needs.

Program Innovation Design

In today’s rapidly changing world, progressive leaders are building teams across multi-functions to reimagine how their organization can achieve greater social impact. With decades of innovation experience and a fresh perspective we’ll guide your team through a process challenging any feeling of ‘we have always done it this way’ or learned helplessness, to embrace deconstruction, risk aversion, and create new and improved programs and services. 

Creative Concept Development

There are times when teams need a creative boost for idea generation. Applying white board techniques, games and team challenges, we lead your group over the hurtles to find the possibilities. The result, identify viable program and/or service concepts for your team to operationalize. Creative concept development is ideal for community programs, fundraising campaigns, special events, employee recognition, and recruitment drives.

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