Business and Financial Model

Client: YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador

Client Need: The client requested a comprehensive business and financial model to drive the operations of a new year-round, youth camp and outdoor and environmental education centre. The proposed model required consideration and integration of, but not restricted to: provincial population market projections/trends, outdoor industries data, competitor product inventories and pricing data, potential occupancy levels by seasons, school enrolment statistics, and a process of testing model assumptions across the market.

KDP Service: The client received a comprehensive business and financial model integrating four Strategic Business Units (SBU). The presentation included, but not restricted to: individual SBU revenue and expense streams; market segment occupancy projections by week and season; client profiles; population and school enrolment data and potential market penetration rates; and a summary of recommendations.

The presentation serves to inform the Board for required governance approval, support capital fundraiser strategy, apprise architects, and provide a framework for financial management with the annual operational budget process.

The Financial and Business Model aligned with the Conceptual Framework Project.

Charity Amalgamation | Business Plan

Client: YMCA of Ontario, YMCA of Brockville and Area, YMCA of Kingston

Need: Faced with competing priorities, limited resources and tight timelines to manage current workload, the client outsourced the process of engaging senior executive teams through the business planning process, conduct an extensive data review and prepare a plan to be presented to the respective Boards..

KDP Service: The project called for drafting a business plan and operating model for the unification of two charities to a new regional single entity,  The development of the integrated business plan speaks to a financial and management model, potential organizational growth and service impact. The newly determined business structure and operating model relate to: Accounting and Finance, Technology, Resource Development, Facility and Capital Assets, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications and the core programs and services.

The business planning process engaged senior management in a series of face-to-face meetings and functional group conference calls, leading a process of organization review, identifying opportunities and financial modelling against the current fiscal realities. The plan highlights key initiatives, risk mitigation and presents a new senior management structure that calls upon an execution of an internal, fair and equitable recruitment process and change management pathway.

Market Research

Client: YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador

Need: Presented with an opportunity to expand its programs in its community, the charity required a study of the current and potential market as part of its due diligence process and good governance of strategic decisions and donor investments.

KDP Service: Conducted regional and provincial market research to assess the viability to build a new outdoor education and environmental facility. Research scope included competitive market assessment, potential user groups, digital document reviews, program inventory review, product pricing strategy, interviews (industry executive, charity management, academics and community practitioners) and socio-economic data analysis. The project culminated in reporting on the research findings, offering recommendations on strategy and tactics for the program and facility installation design.

Executive Coaching

Client: National Charity | Confidential

Need: As a relatively young charity with an ambitious strategic vision, the executive director required experienced and trusted counsel on tactical direction and decisions that would arise along the path of the organization’s growth and development. (National charity, based in Toronto).

KDP Service: Providing advice to the Executive Director of a growing national charity on a broad spectrum of strategic topics and day-to-day tactical needs, including: Board governance, strategic planning, regional organizational structure and compliance, financial structure and accountability, fund development planning, risk mitigation, organization policy and standard operating procedures.

Tors Pond, YMCA Newfoundland and Labrador

Conceptual Framework | Master Plan

Client: YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador

Need: Develop a concept for infrastructure installation and program elements to inform the master planning process and architectural direction of a year-round, youth camp and outdoor and environmental education centre.The Centre, with a planned bed occupancy of 175 persons, is to be located on their 40-acre undeveloped woodlot, lakefront property. The client is looking for a concept that would be unique in the national market and offer an innovate service model for diverse clients within their province.

KDP Service: A comprehensive conceptual infrastructure design proposal presented space elements, relationship models, comparable industry design references, and how proposed concepts support learning and client development outcomes. Concept framework recommendations focus on unique, fully-integrated installations for a lodge/dining hall, learning commons, camper/employee residences, health/wellness centre, administrative space, adventure course, out-trip centre, physical plant building and waterfront facilities.

The proposed centre design concept supports a forward-thinking program and school curriculum model (aligned with provincial education pedagogy and priorities), outdoor education industry best practices and innovative approaches to integrating diverse user groups within the full service delivery. The centre’s installations support extended, regional expedition travel, outdoor practitioner development, and tour operator business incubation for the province’s burgeoning adventure tourism industry. 

The Conceptual Framework aligned with the Business and Financial Model.