Business and Financial Model

Client: YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador

Client Need: The client requested a comprehensive business and financial model to drive the operations of a new year-round, youth camp and outdoor and environmental education centre. The proposed model required consideration and integration of, but not restricted to: provincial population market projections/trends, outdoor industries data, competitor product inventories and pricing data, potential occupancy levels by seasons, school enrolment statistics, and a process of testing model assumptions across the market.

KDP Service: The client received a comprehensive business and financial model integrating four Strategic Business Units (SBU). The presentation included, but not restricted to: individual SBU revenue and expense streams; market segment occupancy projections by week and season; client profiles; population and school enrolment data and potential market penetration rates; and a summary of recommendations.

The presentation serves to inform the Board for required governance approval, support capital fundraiser strategy, apprise architects, and provide a framework for financial management with the annual operational budget process.

The Financial and Business Model aligned with the Conceptual Framework Project.

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