Charity Amalgamation | Business Plan

Client: YMCA of Ontario, YMCA of Brockville and Area, YMCA of Kingston

Need: Faced with competing priorities, limited resources and tight timelines to manage current workload, the client outsourced the process of engaging senior executive teams through the business planning process, conduct an extensive data review and prepare a plan to be presented to the respective Boards..

KDP Service: The project called for drafting a business plan and operating model for the unification of two charities to a new regional single entity,  The development of the integrated business plan speaks to a financial and management model, potential organizational growth and service impact. The newly determined business structure and operating model relate to: Accounting and Finance, Technology, Resource Development, Facility and Capital Assets, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications and the core programs and services.

The business planning process engaged senior management in a series of face-to-face meetings and functional group conference calls, leading a process of organization review, identifying opportunities and financial modelling against the current fiscal realities. The plan highlights key initiatives, risk mitigation and presents a new senior management structure that calls upon an execution of an internal, fair and equitable recruitment process and change management pathway.

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