Project Process and Cost Estimates

Disciplined Approach: Start to Finish

Step 1: Determine Project Scope and Timelines

Step 2: Draft Project Brief and Quote Cost Estimates

Step 3: Client Approval and Engagement Agreement

Step 4: Project Execution

Step 5: Feedback Loop with Client Through to Project Completion

Step 6: Final Presentation to Client

Step 7: Project Completion: Client Sign-off

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Properly and thoroughly understanding your project requirements is a critical first step in the process of providing high quality consulting services and, in the end, enables your organization to increase its social impact. At kdp consulting your organization’s future success is central to the work we do for you.

Let’s start with a conversation that will effectively scope the project help you need, desired outcomes, essential elements, key timelines and approval processes. During this initial consultation stage it’s essential I understand your organization’s operating structure, community impact and long-term vision.

Following the initial consultation I will draft a Project Brief for your review and approval that generally includes: project description, critical dates, work process and key stakeholder engagement,  and detail cost estimates. Any unique considerations can be examined at this stage. A draft Project Brief ensures we, together, have determined the best course of action to achieve your desired outcomes.

If your decide to retain kdp consulting on the project after the initial consultation, our project fees are based on an hourly rate basis and quoted in the project plan. Once we have agreed on approach and project scope, I will provide you with a final Consulting Engagement Agreement (CEA) and project-service plan. Once the appropriate signatories approve the CEA, my work begins!

I respect that making the investment decision to outsource work is made with the utmost care and thought. That’s why your project estimates, costing and consultation rates are presented in a transparent and itemized way. Costs will be outlined in the draft Project Brief and in our CEA.

If you would like to explore your organization’s needs and how I can help your nonprofit create greater impact please request a meeting below. Let’s connect!

Keith D Publicover

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