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Community Impact Project Portfolio

kdp consulting is committed to providing the best possible service to strengthen your organization and achieve greater social impact. We do this by working as your trusted partner – creating thoughtful, innovative and practical solutions in response to today’s challenges that build upon your organization’s foundational principles, mission, culture and team strengthens.

A few highlights of our recent work shared below:

Conceptual Framework | Facility Design

The YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador requested a proposed Conceptual Framework for a youth camp and outdoor and environmental education centre. Concepts were presented for a fully accessible, integrated and inclusive year-round included a Great Hall, OEE Learning Commons, Expeditions Outpost, Adventure Course, Lido & Wharf, bakehouse, 10 residence lodges for 175 people, and related installations. Vetted in the provincial market with outdoor sector professionals, the design principals, program elements, space relationship models and the innovate themes and construction materials received a very positive response. The Centre design aligned with the four Strategic Business Units presented in the Business and Financial Model.

Business and Financial Model | Facility Operations

The YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador requested a comprehensive Business and Financial Model. Based upon four Strategic Business Units (SBU) the model presentation include market population data, strategic pricing strategies with revenue projections by SBU, occupancy blocking charts and potential client mix, financial assistance pathways, expense allocation, and recommendations for executive and financial management to consider in apply the model.

Unification Business Plan | Charity Merger

Called upon by the YMCA Ontario Resource Development Centre to support the unification process of the YMCA of Kingston and the YMCA of Brockville and Area, specifically leading the senior staff teams of the two YMCAs in a series of collaborative discussions, exploring benefits and developing operational initiatives for amalgamation. The team forums provided opportunities for effective and healthy discussion related to cultural challenges, operating needs, and combined organization efficiencies to realize the potential for greater impact of the two organizations as they looked to act as one. The team discussions resulted in presenting a robust operational plan and human resource structure for the merger of the two organizations into one.

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