nonprofit referral program

Client Referral Program

Building strength across the Nonprofit Sector relies on growing valued relationships. Your helping to connect us with other organizations echoes your confidence in KDP Consulting Inc., and we appreciate that!

How our program works

If you introduce a new client to us, and a contract is signed for a new scope of work kdp consulting will provide your registered charity or the registered charity of choice with 2% of the net fees, up to a maximum of $2,000 per client.

Fees will need to be approved by Keith D Publicover in advance, and the new client signed under contract to be considered for this program. The reward funds will be paid at the end of the new client completion of the service contracting cheque or e-transfer in the name of the charity.

The New Client Referral and Reward Program is ONLY open to Canadian Registered Charities. Read why clients turn to us, link here.

Take 4 easy steps

Step 1: Have a conversation with the representative of the nonprofit organization you will be referring to us about our Referral and Reward Program. We recommend that you forward our website address to the appropriate representative to inform them about our services, body of work and contact details.

Step 2: Provide your name, email and website address (optional) in the New Client Referral Form below. We will use this information to remain in contact with you as the process unfolds.

Step 3: Complete the New Client Referral Form with the information about the organization which you are referring . Click the Send button.

Step 4: Wait to hear back from us. We’ll notify when we have met with the potential new client, and if a contract has been signed. If we have confirmed a contract we will connect with you again to finalize when and how the reward funds will be transferred.


Thank you for your referral. We’ll be in touch!