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7 Reasons to Hire a Nonprofit Consultant

A compatible consulting firm is integral to a nonprofit’s team. The truth is not all charity and nonprofit consultants are the same. Seven reasons to hire a nonprofit consultant..

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Is Your Nonprofit Positioned for a Prosperous Future?

Nonprofit services have become an integral part of our society and we depend upon their good works everyday. With this in mind, executive leaders and governance volunteers need to dedicate greater effort to improving their organization’s financial health and succession planning. We can all agree, we need healthier nonprofits to help create healthier communities.

Donate Cash Carefully This Holiday

“…one-third of Canadians were reported to donate in response to canvassing at a shopping centre or on the street.Canvassing yields 20% of the total donations charities receive annually.”

As you consider your charitable gifts this holiday, I offer some considerations to the donors and charities engaged in canvassing for cash contributions.

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Cultivating Nonprofit Innovation

To adopt an innovative mindset requires leadership that empowers staff and volunteers to solve problems that matter most to executing an organization’s mission. Nonprofits stewarding a curious culture, where staff are permitted to question assumptions and constructively challenge the status quo more often produce better innovative results.

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Charities Merge, Putting Community First

Undertaking a merger requires a high level of due diligence and an investment of resources in order to reach the decision. The basis being an intent to act in the best interest of both organizations, and mitigate any current or future risks.

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When a Charity Closes, What Should be Publicly Disclosed?

In the coming weeks and months I want to dig deeper into this issue as it impacts our charitable sector and the public confidence in our work. In the meantime, I thought I would first turn to you for your response to the my first burning question.

When a charity abruptly stops serving its community, what detail of information, if any, is the public entitled to receive?

Attracting Millennials to the Nonprofit Sector | Nonprofit Insights | kdpconsulting.ca

Attracting Millennials to the Nonprofit Sector

We are living in a time organizational culture is everything, and everything represents culture. Nonprofit organizations should be vigilant with their own people as much as the communities they serve. If organizations are operating contrary to authentic equal respect and value for all – Millennials will read the BS meter and walk.

Interim Executives Can Help Propel NonProfits | Nonprofit Insights | kdpconsulting.ca

Interim Executives Can Help Propel NonProfits

Traditional executive searches can take 3 to 6 months and the Board may not have an appetite for potential loss of momentum during a critical time or that making internal ‘acting’ appointments may exacerbate any existing employee(s) incapacity or risks of burnout. Consider all factors carefully. The option of appointing an Interim Executive can be the right solution to transition through a challenging period and be the bridge to future success.

Is your nonprofit building capacity? | Nonprofit Insights | kdpconsulting.ca

Is Your NonProfit Building Capacity?

When nonprofits thrive in a healthy ecosystem and are deliberate in capacity building over time, it strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to deliver its mission.


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