7 Reasons Why NonProfits Hire Us

A compatible consulting firm is integral to a nonprofit’s team. The truth is not all charity and nonprofit consultants are the same. Nonprofit executives and their Boards look to us for expertise rooted in the hands-on experience leading and managing organizations, and for a consultant who has navigated challenges similar to their own. The COVID pandemic continues to make a significant, unprecedented impact on the nonprofit sector. More board and executive leaders are reaching out to us to help navigate the challenges of the times, like supports with strategic planning, improving board governance, managing workforce pressures, and creating innovative programs.


Often times nonprofits are seeking an experienced executive leader or subject matter expert to expand the capabilities of its existing team. Nonprofits will ask us to provide new knowledge or approaches that will improve the organization’s performance, provide clarity on strategy or teach skills necessary to increase staff and volunteer performance.

Evaluation & Assessments

There is a growing need for nonprofits to evaluate their effectiveness and report how social impact is being achieved. More commonly today funders and partner agencies are requesting objective research and evaluation of programs, internal systems, organizational structure and market assessments.


A consultant has a different vested interest in an organization and can bring objectivity to problem resolution. Clients call on us to help identify root causes to a problem, resolve a fund development challenge, address a brand elevation concern or a particular problem that is manifesting into a larger issue.

Situational Expertise

It’s incredibly tough for nonprofits to have every type of expert inside, ready to respond to any circumstance that can arise. Nonprofits can be faced with increased public and donor scrutiny and engaging us as a third-party consultant can bring skills and knowledge to the complement the organization and build trust.

Retained Expertise

For some, adopting a business model to hire us on a limited contract or part-time staff basis works well to navigate thru a special project or transitional period. More commonly, clients look to us for fund development campaigns, facilitating change processes, policy review and development, marketing campaigns or filling a position on an interim basis (while a proper, robust search is underway). Placing us on a retainer or ‘on call’ serves as a go to resource when the need arises, especially for nonprofits in the ‘start up phase’ or those executing significant strategic change.

Performance Coaching

In the nonprofit environment it’s easy to feel burnt out or overwhelmed with the immediate priorities; and it’s being recognized as a more common occurrence. As an experienced nonprofit executive and consultancy, we can offer new solutions or approaches to nagging problems, introduce new work processes, help work through a team’s possible feeling of helplessness, and reinvigorate the team’s commitment to the Mission.

Pilot Programs & Operations

Introducing a new program or service to a nonprofit can be risky business and is not entered into without rigorous decision-making processes. Hiring us can allow for in-depth research and development with potential programs and infrastructure investments, work through project challenges, or train staff on market execution to reduce risks and aid in launch success.

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